The City of Vancouver is unique in that it does not adopt the BC Building Code like other regions of the Province including Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island.  The City of Vancouver utilizes the Vancouver Building Bylaw as their own independent code.

Changes to the Vancouver Building Bylaw are pending, and reflect some interesting requirements.  Many of theses will go above and beyond the increased energy standard provisions we will see in the December update to the BC Building Code.  Here are a few of the changes the Vancouver Building Bylaw will now require in residential homes:

1. No More Door knobs –  The City is moving towards a standard of improved accessibility for all buildings by eliminating door knobs in favor of lever type hardware

2. Provisions for rainwater collection – New homes are to have plumbing systems dedicated for rainwater collection

3. Conduits to permit future installations of solar power systems

4. 220V charging stations for electric vehicles

5. R50 for attic insulation

6. R22 Effective for Wall Insulation

7. Required upgrades to heating systems

The City of Vancouver has indicated an expected 1.7% cost increase, or $5700 for a 2500sf home to achieve these additional standards.  These provisions do not impact us directly in Greater Victoria or Vancouver Island, but it is always interesting to see what direction the province perhaps will be heading overall if they follow suit with the City of Vancouver.